Impact Colors Announces Color Trends 2014

Date: September 24, 2012

Newark, DE (September 2012) Impact Colors, Inc. of Newark, DE presents Color Trends 2014,  an inspiring multimedia, flash drive forecasting presentation of color in the cosmetic and personal care industry for 2014.

 “Color Trends 2014 presents our bold, fashion-forward  vision of  application ideas from all over the world—from street fashion seen in Amsterdam’s DeNegen Straatjes and Tokyo’s Shibuya Crossing, to the runways at Fashion Week in Milan and New York City,” says Doug Thornley, co-founder of Impact Colors, Inc. of Newark, DE.

“We are very enthusiastic about sharing our vision of future trends with our clients so they can use Impact Colors’ pigments and special effects products to add excitement and flair to their personal care formulations,” Mr. Thornley says.

This presentation is the fifth in an annual series jointly developed by Impact Colors and Antoinette van den Berg, the internationally recognized expert in color and fashion trend forecasting. Ms. van den Berg is a consultant to a number of major cosmetic brands in Europe and the creator of FUTURE-TOUCH, a trend and product-forecasting studio specializing in the cosmetic sector. Future-Touch captures the signals of changing consumer attitudes toward cosmetics and translates that into products and raw materials for the future.

Impact Colors has created a palette of dramatic colors and effects organized around five themes of color application.

“For 2014, it is all about how colors are applied—smudged, fields, blended, block, or line,” Ms. van den Berg, says. “Once you realize what application the product you are creating has, you can decide the color, formulation, and then the presentation.”

Color Trends 2014 provides inspiring photographs of these new directions in colors and effects as well as expanded interpretations of the classics. Color Trends 2014 also offers ideas for new ways to combine and package products to increase marketing allure and sales.

The presentation comes with a sample set of twenty colors designed by Future-Touch and drawn from Impact Colors Color Library. Green tones, sometimes gentled down with browns or made to pop with blues or shimmering white effects, appear in many of the applications. Blue is important too, from romantic shades to sparkling violet. 

Ms. van den Berg encourages formulators to imagine smudging color into skin and to then experiment by enhancing foundations with Impact Colors’ customized range of greenish-blue pigments, based on Eldorado Breen, a rather dark and unusual shade, to create the effect of backlighting, especially dramatic on either very dark or very light skin.

An emphatic continuation of a 2013 trend is fields of color, where one color is applied on a large area of the face. “This will be a new way of make-up,” says Ms. Van den Berg, “because it goes out of the classical area.”

Expect to see half-transparent rouge blending into the eye shadow area, for example, with clear, soft, romantic effects. What’s also new is a move toward matching colors, with a return to matching lipstick and nail varnish or even eye shadow and nail colors being the same.

The newest theme for 2014 is blending colors together, especially around the eye. The basic tones are bold interpretations of peacock colors mixed into arresting shades of glistening greenish-blue or bluish-green.

 “This is an area where packaging and color can work together to capture the consumer’s imagination and eye,” Mr. Thornley says. “We suggest that manufacturers consider putting a color range together in one clever box with a very nice soft brush to blend it all together on the face. For matching nail polish, instead of the usual clear glass bottle, consider making it new by using a ceramic bottle or colored glass, which matches the shade of the enamel inside.”

Color blocks are straight and clear colors applied with strict lines. This look will be seen especially around the eye, but also with lipsticks and nail polish.

“What’s new,” says Ms. Van den Berg, “is the coordination between different areas, like the same lipstick and nail polish color, especially in red, or the same eye shadow as nail polish. Red is extra important; we put a lot of effort into mixing the reds.”

She says that hair is also getting into the color-block act. “Colored hair is a serious item here in Amsterdam,” Ms. Van den Berg says. “We see it every day, whole hair painted in a special color or just dipping the ends.”

Liners, a classic mainstay, have will turn out young in a totally different way as pencils to draw on the face and the body. Here, black continues as the classic, with pearlescent effects and added whiter and silvery tones. Ms. Van den Berg says that lines for nails, perhaps in black and white, will be new and important.

“There is nothing we enjoy more as a company than working directly with our customers to imagine new approaches to cosmetics and personal care product lines,” Mr. Thornley says. “When we give this presentation to our clients, the room starts humming with creativity. It’s so powerful to see these colors and effects on a face or a nail and to watch our customers start to iterative off the twenty blends in the presentation to create their own unique interpretations.”

Impact Colors offers an extensive variety of very unique specialty color effect pigments to the personal care and cosmetic markets worldwide. The company produces technically advanced products in a manner that offer distinctive advantages in performance or color.  Impact Colors serves many of the best known and respected companies in the personal care and cosmetic industry.

Interested parties can contact their Impact Colors agent to schedule a personal presentation.

About Impact Colors, Inc.

Impact Colors, Inc., headquartered in Newark, DE, provides highest quality color effect pigments and products to the personal care marketplace worldwide. The company has an international distribution network for thirty-two partners and is expert in color trends. Impact Colors recently celebrated its third anniversary.


FUTURE-TOUCH is a trend and product forecasting studio specializing in the cosmetic sector. FUTURE-TOUCH focuses on future cosmetic trends and product forecasting and is specialized in creating digital forecast guides for this industry. FUTURE-TOUCH signals the changes in the attitude of the consumer towards cosmetics and translates this into digital guided presentations, providing all the information cosmetic companies need to know about future trends and products.


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