Impact Colors Announces Chromagix Multi-Variable Pigments

Date: April 7, 2015



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Impact Colors Announces Chromagix Multi-Variable Pigments

Dynamic Collection Creates Multi-Dimensional Drama for Personal Care Product


Conshohocken, PA (April 1, 2015) Sparkle. Panache. Spectacular special effects. That’s what forward-thinking formulators and chemists are saying about Impact Colors’ Chromagix dynamic collection of multi-variable pigments.

Chromagix pigments are designed for the most creative and competitive companies in the  personal care industry, firms that have a vision of growing market share by designing differentiated products that are unique, bold, and surprising,” said Doug Thornley, Impact Colors president.

Chromagix colors are prismatic—think of how light traveling through the most exquisite cut glass chandelier casts rainbows at your feet.  In a similar way, Chromagix  effects depend on the movement and intensity of light. The color seen will change depending on the angle of the viewer.

Imagine a chameleon-like hair coloring product for the teen market that delivers a different color effect with each toss of the head or a fragrant powder advertised for brides that disappears once it is applied, leaving a sparkling veil of light-catching color across the neck, shoulders, and upper chest.

“This collection of pigments is all about imagination and stepping forward to experiment with the intriguing possibilities of color travel,” Mr. Thornley said. “It’s all about formulations that are both subtle and bold. It’s about taking a risk with lip gloss or eye shadow that changes as a woman is wearing it—a product where not knowing exactly what to expect is part of its appeal and charm.  When we challenge our customers to ‘change their point of hue’ with Chromagix , this is exactly what we mean.”

Chromagix  pigments put color in a different light. They’re at the intersection of science and magic. Formulators who want to demand a second look can create a bold formulation that is as transparent as possible, perhaps a gel or hair spray with a clear base. Conversely, a cream or lotion with opaque base can “hide” the variable pigment until application when a beautiful “surprise” color effect appears.

The Chromagix  collection contains three lines. Diamond Variables are exceptionally dramatic with intense spectral colors, producing two distinct interference colors which appear as iridescent luminosity. Kaleidoscope Colors produce up to four distinctive interference colors, three by reflection and one by transmission. Gemini Colors—as the name implies—deliver a type of twin effect. The colored pigment imparts a background color with two iridescent highlights. The interplay effects between the two cannot be duplicated by any combination of interference pigments blended with conventional colorants.

Formulators can use these pigments sparingly. “We supply sample formulas where most use levels range from less than 1 percent to not more than 3 percent,” Mr. Thornley said. “Using these pigments to highlight and dramatize is affordable.”

Impact Colors specializes in advanced marketing and applications ideas. Personal care chemists from around the world can also receive inspiration like never before from Impact Colors’ Color Trends 2016+, an industry-leading video presentation of color trends in the personal care industry for 2016 and beyond.

Impact Colors will be exhibiting Chromagix  and Color Trends 2016+ at In-Cosmetics, the leading global business event for personal care ingredients, in Barcelona, Spain April 14-18 at Booth #7C79.

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About Impact Colors, Inc.

Impact Colors, Inc., headquartered in Conshohocken, PA with an application laboratory in Newark DE, provides an extensive variety of high quality effect pigments and visual delivery systems to cosmetics and personal care markets worldwide. Our Special Effect pigments offer intense and dramatic colors with a broad variety of pearlescent, iridescent, shimmering, and complex color travel effects. Impact Colors’ effect pigments can be used in a variety of applications, ranging from color cosmetics for eyes, lips, and face, to nail polish, and solutions for personal care. Color Trends 2016+ has been created to be shared with cosmetic industry leaders involved in development, marketing, and brand management via in a personalized forum brought directly to customers’ corporate sites through the extensive distribution network of Impact Colors. The company has an international distribution network of 35 partners and is expert in color trends. 

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