Impact Colors Announces New Fiesta Pigments

Date: January 21, 2014



News Release

Impact Colors, Inc. Announces 16 New Fiesta Colors

Expanded synthetic mica line combines high chroma and exceptional purity, perfect for today’s high definition makeup.


Conshohocken, PA (January 20, 2014) The new Fiesta Colors palette from Impact Colors of Conshohocken, PA opens doors to far greater opportunities for cosmetics chemists and formulators to create cleaner, more brilliant face, eye, and nail formulations.

“The selection and range of these brand new colors deliver options that are more vibrant, and more chromatic than other synthetic mica products in the marketplace,” said Doug Thornley, president of Impact Colors, Inc.

Impact Colors’ unique synthetic mica substrate is one of the most innovative technologies in the personal care industry. The company’s process of creating the synthetic mica produces an impressive variety of optical effects which are enhanced by blending base absorption colors and uniquely beautiful interference tones. These pigments offer the cleanest and brightest color possibilities for trend-setting cosmetics.

With an extremely low heavy metal profile, the new Fiesta Colors are an expressive, cost-effective way to add eye-catching brilliance.

Fiesta Colors’ texture is as soft as lotion with a light and smooth finish, making the tiniest particle size pigments in shades such as Velvet Bronze or Frosted Carmine, ideal for face formulations. For edgy gleam at the cheekbone or along the hairline, Fiesta Sunny Yellow brings the clarity of a blooming daisy or buttercup with the sun shining through.

 “These are clear and sparkly colors on a high performance synthetic mica substrate that offer the chemist new tools for totally new effects,” Mr. Thornley said. “We designed the colors to work especially well in futuristic applications such as those forecasted in our Color Trends 2015+ presentation.”

Color Trends2015+ is the sixth in an annual series jointly developed by Impact Colors and Antoinette van den Berg, internationally recognized expert in color and fashion trend forecasting. Future-Touch captures the signals of changing consumer attitudes toward cosmetics and translates that into products and raw materials for the future. The newest themes stretch from Brilliance—an expensive look with a sharp sophisticated flair—to  Two-Tones and Multi-Colors, two different interpretations of color-created drama.

Larger Fiesta particle sizes, found in Ocean Emerald or Royal Plum, produce a delightfully edgy appearance in Two-Tones applications, targeting the Instagram and earbuds crowd—a market that increasingly redefines the boundaries between hair and face. Creative chemists will use the new Fiesta Smokey Plum Gray or Smokey Jade shades to design Multi-Color eye shadow collections that are quieter but with intense impact.

Impact Colors’ application specialists continually work with forward thinking chemists to invent even more original combinations, using the full variety of the new Fiesta colors to produce striking special effects that will propel nail lacquer and eye shadow lines beyond the now into the mainstream of tomorrow’s trends.

About Impact Colors, Inc.

Impact Colors, Inc., headquartered in Conshohocken, PA with laboratory facilities in Newark, DE, provides highest quality color effect pigments and products to the personal care marketplace worldwide. The company has an international distribution network of thirty partners and is expert in color trends. Impact Colors recently celebrated its sixth anniversary.

About Color Trends 2015+

Color Trends 2015+ is entirely available online. Interested companies may contact Impact Colors at  or 1.302.224.8310 for more information or to request access to the presentation via an exclusive website, which can be accessible from computer or tablet with a personal login.