Our Products

Impact Colors offers an extensive variety of very unique specialty color effect pigments to the personal care and cosmetic markets worldwide. The company produces technically advanced products in a manner that offer distinctive advantages in performance or color.

From intense and dramatic colors with a variety of pearlescent effects to products that gently diffuse ambient light to help minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, Impact Colors solutions are extensive.

One example of scientific innovation is the new Fiesta Color Effect Pigments line. These synthetic mica-based pigments deliver crystal clear colors, high chromaticity, and better luster. The synthetic substrate is very consistent with little lot variation and is free of heavy metals and bacterial contamination more info...

Another innovative line, Vision Beads, derived from all renewable natural sources, provides an elegant carrier system for active ingredients. Increasingly, the trend is to visually enhance creams, lotions, gels, hand and body wash, shampoos, conditioners, hair gels, and other specialty products. Vision Beads can product dramatic visual effects in these personal care and specialty products that can catch the customer’s eye or engage their curiosity. It is a creative way to help customers make a visual connection with the key benefits offered by a shampoo or gel more info...

“We are all about color”, says Doug Thornley, co-founder of Impact Colors, “but it’s the science and technology underlying our products – the raw materials we use and the way we blend and manufacture them – that gives our lines so many unique properties”.



Alchemique Colors

High Chroma Aluminum Colors

Argentique Colors

Silver Coated  Silicate Flake Pigment

Biluna Bismuth

Bismuth Oxychloride

Bichroma Colors

BiOCl Coated Mica and Colors

Chromatique Colors

Colored Micas

Diamond Colors

Silicate Coated Colors

Diamond Silicates

White and Interference Pigments

Diamond Variables

Multi Variable Colors from Silicates

Eldorado Gold

Gold Pigment

Eldorado Metallic

Metallic Pigment

Fiesta Gold & Metallics

Gold and Metallic Pigments

Fiesta Iridescence

Interference Pigments – Synthetic Mica

Fiesta Whites

Synthetic Mica Pigments

Fiesta Gemini Synthetic Mica Pigments

Gemini Colors

Multi variable Colors from Mica


Texturizing Ingredients

Impact Pearls

Titanated Micas

Kaleidoscope Colors

Multi Variable Colors from Silicates

Midnight Colors

Colored Micas

Optique Iridescence

Interference Colors from TiO2

Vision Beads Lactose based

Visual Delivery System

Vision Beads Manitol based Visual Delivery System
Vision Beads Exfoliator Series Visual Delivery System
Vision Beads Two Tone Visual Delivery System