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Impact Colors, Inc. provides an extensive variety of high quality effect pigments and visual delivery systems to the cosmetics and  personal care markets worldwide. Our Special Effect Pigments offer intense and dramatic colors with a broad variety of pearlescent, iridescent, shimmering, and complex effects. Impact Colors' effect pigments can be used in a variety of applications, ranging from color cosmetics for eye, lip and face, nail polish and personal care to products that gently diffuse ambient light to help minize the appearance of fine linse and wrinkles. Our Vision Beads and Nature XFol products provide a visually distinctive delivery, of active materials and natural exfoliation, in applications such as personal cleansing and oral care. 

From intense and dramatic colors, with a variety of pearlescent effects to products that gently diffuse ambient light to help minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, Impact Colors solutions are extensive.

One example of scientific innovation is the new Fiesta Color line, synthetic mica-based pigments deliver crystal clear colors, high chromaticity, and better luster. The synthetic substrate is very consistent with little to lot variation and is free of heavy metals and bacterial contamination Continue Reading

a Another innovative line, derived from renewable natural sources, provides an elegant carrier system for active ingredients. Increasingly, the trend is to visually enhance creams, lotions, gels, hand and bbody wash, shampoos, conditioners, hair gels, and other specialty products. Vision Beads can produce dramatic visual effects in these personal care and specialty applications, it is a creative way to hlp customers make a visual connection with the key benefits by a shampoo or gel   Continue Reading




IMPACT MICATexturizing Ingredients 

These pigments are designed to provide a mineral ingredient to supply balance, feel, transparency and slip to a variety of powder and liquid formulations.  Continue Reading

IMPACT PEARLSTitanated Micas

The colors are based on combination of light interference and absorption color of metal oxide layer. Multiple surfaces of reflection give "pearl luster" finish. Continue Reading

OPTIQUE COLORS  -                         Mica based Interference Colors

Create lustruous or opalescent effects in all types of cosmetic and personal care products.              Continue Reading

ELDORADO GOLD  -                         Mica based Gold Pearls 

Mica coated with Titanium Dioxide and Iron Oxide create gold pearls useful for decorative cosmetic, gels or emulsions where a golden luster or sparkle effect is desired. Continue Reading

ELDORADO METALLICS -                  Mica based Metallic Pearls

Free-Flowing powders that can be used alone or blended together to add metallic depth and highlights to eye-shadow, eyeliners, lipstick, nail lacquers, soaps, shampoos etc. Continue Reading

CHROMATIQUE COLORS -          Colored Micas 

They contain an absorption colorant deposited on either a mica substrate or an interference pearl base, providing a rich and intense color effect. Continue Reading

MIDNIGHT COLORS  - Colored Micas

The rich pallet of color provide a deep coloration and tone that evokes mysteries of the night. The colors are inspired form our selection of mica based pearl pigments. Continue Reading

BILUNA COLORSBismuth Oxychloride

Pigments that impart a rich satiny luster, excellent covering power and optimal compressibility and binding characteristics to cosmetics. Continue Reading

BICHROMA COLORS -                 Bismuth Oxychloride

Pgments based on Bismuth Oxychloride and primary colorant coated onto small particle Mica, ideal for eye shadows, lip color or facial foundations. Continue Reading

FIESTA IRIDESCENCE -                            Synthetic-Mica Interference Pearls

Deliver energetic colors and effects, value and advanced functionality without the risk of heavy metals. Continue Reading

FIESTA COLOR -                        Synthetic-Mica Colored Pearls

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FIESTA FILLERS -                         Synthetic-Mica based Pigments 

They offer a new level of clarity with transparency to provide a soft, silky veiled effect when used in powder and liquid cosmetic formulations.  Continue Reading

FIESTA WHITES -                         Synthetic-Mica White Pigments

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FIESTA GEMINI -                         Synthetic-Mica MultiVariable Pigments

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FIESTA GOLD & METALLICS -    Synthetic-Mica based Pearls

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DIAMOND SILICATES -                  Silicate based Pearls

Offer the ability to create brilliant, star-like effect based on their smooth surfaces and large particle size. Can also add visual depth and dimensionality, because of their novel substrate with a high level of transparency Continue Reading

DIAMOND COLORS -                    Silicate coated Colors

Provide unparallel collection of brilliant colors and highlights, ideal to augment and enhance the eyes, nail or lip, with a strong eye-catching appeal. Continue Reading

DIAMOND VARIABLES -                Silicate based MultiVariable Pigments 

By using thin, precisely controlled coatings of Titanium Dioxide and Silicone Oxide on Silicate Platelets, the light is separated into multiple component parts, to produce up to three interference colors, two by reflection and one by transmission.                    Continue Reading

KALEIDOSCOPE COLORS -            Silicate based Multi-Variable Pigments

Same thin, precisely controlled coatings of Titanium Dioxide, Silica and now Tin Oxide on Silicate Platelets, separate the light into multiple components and produce up to four dramatic and distinct interference colors, three by reflection and one by transmission. Continue Reading 

GEMINI COLORS -                            Mica based MultiVariable Pigments

Based on Titanium Dioxide or Iron Oxide coated Mica with a thin layer of a silicone dioxide and iron oxide. A strong iridescent color is also reflected from the finely controlled layer of silicone dioxide Continue Reading 

ALCHEMIQUE COLORS -                   High Chroma Aluminum Colors

Alchemique Pigments transform common flaked aluminum powders into a magical collection of dramatic colors ranging from gold, silver, bronze and copper to the rich colors of cobalt, topaz and jade. Continue Reading 

ARGENTIQUE COLORS -                   Silver Coated Silicate Flakes

Pure glass flake from Calcium and Sodium Borosilicate provide a vapor deposition coating of pure silver. Continue Reading 
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