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Impact Micas

Our Impact Colors offers an excellent range of Mica Products designed to provide the Cosmetic Formulator with a variety of tools to improve their formulations. Our Impact Mica is designed to provide a mineral ingredient to supply balance, feel, transparency, and slip, to a variety of powder and liquid formulations. Our Impact Mica LL3 is further treated with Lauryn Lysine to provide a very soft and elegant texture. 

Our Impact Matte Mica series provided the formulator with pre-blended and pre-milled pigments extended with mica. These premixed colors offer ease of use and an excellent base that provide a unique measuer of color and transparency with a soft slip as well. 

Product Specifications Sheets and MSDS, for all of our products are available in our secured  Client Login area / Files.

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Impact Matte Mica T

 Impact Matte Mica T

Impact Satin Mica/U0626

Impact Satin Mica

Impact Sericite White/M-140

Impact Sericite White

Impact Mica LL3

Impact Mica LL3

Impact Matte White Mica/MW

Impact Matte White Mica

Impact Matte Yellow Mica/MY

Impact Matte Yellow Mica

Impact Matte Red Mica

Impact Matte Black Mica/MB

Impact Matte Black Mica

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 Impact Matte Mica T B1250W  Mica 1 - 20 µm Request a Sample...
Impact Satin Mica  U0626 Mica 6 - 26 µm Request a Sample...
Impact Sericite White M-140 Sericite 1 - 50 µm Request a Sample...
Impact Mica LL3 M-LL3 Mica and Lauroyl Lysine < 15 µm Request a Sample...
Impact Matte White Mica MW Mica and Titanium Dioxide 1 - 50 µm Request a Sample...
Impact Matte Yellow Mica MY Mica and Iron Oxides 1 - 50 µm Request a Sample...
Impact Matte Red Mica MR Mica and Iron Oxides 1 - 50 µm Request a Sample...
Impact Matte Black Mica MB Mica and Iron Oxides 1 - 50 µm Request a Sample...

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 ***Our photos have been taken of each Color as it appears in its bulk form. It is important for the viewer to understand that Pearlescent and Interference Pigments change color significantly based upon the angle upon which one views the pigment and also the background color over which the pigment is applied. The industry has traditionally displayed this phenomenon on a Black and White Draw Down Card. We have placed this strategically for you to view both the Draw Down Card and the Pigment. This will provide the viewer with a rough appreciation for the range of change that you might experience in using our Colors. For those of you who are experienced in using Color Effect Pigments, you will recognize the presentation of these effects. For those of you that do not have experience in using Color Effect Pigments, we recommend that you explore our Video Presentations for a more in depth and visual explanation of the phenomenon of Light Interference Pigments.

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