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Color Trends 2015

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here we invite you to share our vision of the future 

You are welcome to preview our presentation by visiting it on the Web! This is the first year that we have offered it to you via the Web!  Before you visit the page, please read carefully a brief road map to help you navigate our site and enjoy it’s full flavor:

1. Once you put this in your browser, we ask you to kindly register with a user name and password, then go and enjoy!

2.  Each word or icon is a live link to a new page, so there is much to see!

3 At the bottom of each page, in the center, you will find the words “Sound On” simply click on the words, and our design partner, Antoinette Van den Berg will share her thoughts about each theme and color.

4.  In each corner, you will find a page button about Impact, Future-Touch, the Presentation and perhaps most importantly, Documentation (lower right hand corner)! 

5. Under the Documentation page you are free to download our Brochures on the Trends, our Products, a Competitive Alternative Brochure, and even our specifications and safety data sheets available through our web page and the Client Login section from (you will need to register separately for these documents).

6. The presentation really comes alive when you can see the actual pigment blends from our proposal. Color Effect Pigments are almost impossible to show in photographs and for that matter we encourage you to ask your local Sales Representative to give you a live presentation on the colors we propose for 2015:

7. To request Samples contact Impact Colors directly at 302-224-8319 or by e-mail  


Now we invite you to register and discover our unique combination of pigments for 2015+ 

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Thank you for trusting Impact Colors as your supplier of color effect pigments, we are here to help!