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Color Trends 2013

         Color Trends 2013, a multimedia presentation, is designed expressly to serve formulators, product developers, and marketing teams in the personal care industry by identifying bubbling trends and predicting future directions in fashion and color.The theme of Color Trends 2013 is contradiction-contradiction  in the influencers of trends and contradictions in the way color will be used to enhance beauty and individuality. 

The presentation suggests taking, using, creating things with these pigments. Experimenting. Trying extreme colors to attract people to a collection and then use a toned down multi-color or chromatic, glittery effects to bring an aerial touch.

Color Trends is a collaboration of Impact Colors and Antoinette van den Berg of FUTURE-TOUCH. A recgnized expert in color and fashion trend forecasting, Ms. Van den Berg is a consultant to a number of major cosmetic brands in Europe. 

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