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Color Trends 2010

         Color Trends 2010 is a multimedia presentation of color in the cosmetic and personal care industry for 2010. With Color Trends, we bring a vision of the future to our customers’ marketing and formulating teams. We then help them move that vision into reality with specific suggestions from our technically advanced lines of unique specialty color pigments. The best way for our customers and the industry to imagine the possibilities of our glamorous pigments and eye-catching special effects colors is to see our lines used in adventuresome ways in products for lips, eyes, skin, and nails.

Color Trends is a collaboration of Impact Colors and Antoinette van den Berg of FUTURE-TOUCH. A recgnized expert in color and fashion trend forecasting, Ms. Van den Berg is a consultant to a number of major cosmetic brands in Europe. 

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Note: Commercially, we offer the individual components, and not the blended recommendations. This leaves you additional freedom to make modifications and create your own vision!