Welcome to Sandream Impact 

Impact Colors and Sandream Enterprises have announced a merger, effective January 1, 2016!

The new Sandream Impact LLC is a leading manufacturer and supplier of innovative effect pigments and unique cosmetic active ingredients. With an expanded R&D and production site, Sandream Impact is ready to accomodate the ever changing requirements of our customers by offering color matching, new color development, formulation, dispersion and blending services. Our specialties include color travel pearls on different substrates, fluorphlogopite and aluminum based high definition ncolors, natural ester dipsersed pigments, soft focus and bismuth powders, clinically proven anti-aging, whitening and brightening agents. From specialty pearl pigments to technical assistance and product development, Sandream Impact can address any challenge you may experience with your cosmetic formulations! 

Visit our new website www.sandreamimpact.com to learn more about our new company and to find the most updated product portfolio!

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